As a teacher, Kevin works with many different styles and a variety of age groups (4-84 at the present time). Starting his career in 1987 as a way to spend more time with the guitar, he continued to teach through his undergraduate and graduate degrees in music performance. Upon starting his professional teaching career at the Music Academy of North Carolina in 1995, Kevin already had 8 years of experience behind him and continues to develop his teaching style through research, curriculum development, and by accepting students of all ages (4 and up) and from any musical background (beginners are always welcome as are all levels of ability).

His students have been accepted into music schools around the country, and can be found in rock, blues and jazz bands from NYC to Miami. Some have become well-established instructors and several hold prizes from national guitar competitions.

Kevin currently teaches at his own studio in Greensboro, NC and on the web at

Kevin says, "The best way to learn anything beyond the obvious limitations of the subject matter, is simply to teach. I've become a better player through my students in many ways."

His students say:

"From the first lesson, Kevin's complete mastery is readily apparent. He demonstrates an amazing degree of proficiency on both classical and electric styles. He is able to break down complex techniques and explain them in terms familiar to the beginning, intermediate or advanced student." - Robin (adult student)

"Coach Dollar ROCKS!" - Bryce (age 7)

"Kevin's approach with new students combines just the right amount of patience, challenge, inspiration, and fun. My daughter looks forward to every lesson, and we have been very impressed with her progress and enthusiasm." - Bob (parent of 8 year old student)

"Mr. Kevin is funny and kind and he's a good guitar teacher too!" Olivia, age 5

"Kevin made my sometimes shy 5 year old comfortable from the first moment she met him. He teaches with humor and care in a way that is easy for children and adults to understand even if they have had no prior music education. Olivia is not only learning to play the guitar, she is gaining confidence and self esteem with every lesson." Olivia's Mom